Printemps Des Arts

Spotlight on Quebec

Daniel Iregui, Control no Control, une sculpture interactive de LED qui invite le public à utiliser ses mains et son corps pour agir sur le son et les visuels.

Because discovery is a pleasure, this year’s festival invites us to explore Quebec, here in Monaco, through the region’s music, dance, theatre and visual arts!

“The audience is at the heart of what we do; offering novel experiences is a mark of respect, a way of allowing people to hear something they didn’t expect,” enthuses Marc Monnet, artistic advisor to the Printemps des Arts. Thanks to a bursting programme of concerts and inventive performances, this year’s festival will shine a particular spotlight on Quebec, with baroque music, virtuoso piano, rousing folk music, great voices and traditional songs, not to mention a performance by hearing-impaired dancer Cai Glover and theatre by Michel Tremblay. The visual arts have not been forgotten.

Daniel Iregui, Moon, an interactive installation where visitors can control the light of the moon. Visible through a window floating in a space, a moon shines.

Discover a unique exhibition of Inuit art, inspired by the throat-singing of Nunavik women, at the Auditorium Rainier III. Also not to be missed are the digital art installations by Daniel Iregui, on Avenue de Monte-Carlo. His installation Moon is designed to allow audiences to control the light of the moon, while Control no Control is an interactive LED sculpture that invites people to use their hands and body to generate sound and visual graphics. This entertaining blend of design and technology provides a novel perspective on our bodily gestures and interactions with the outside world. Just one of a host of opportunities to immerse yourself in the contemporary arts of Quebec.  
By Tanja Stojanov