A new lease of life

Located in Square Beaumarchais at the Hôtel L’Hermitage, the historic Repossi boutique is reopening after renovation. Completely redesigned by the architect and artistic director of the Fondation Judd, Flavin Judd, this 40m2 showcase reveals a totally different look from the original boutique inaugurated in 1978 by Gaia Repossi’s father, now artistic director of the family firm. And what will you find in the shop windows? New colourful variants of the iconic Berbère collection being snapped up by fashionable girls, inspired by the ancestral tattoos of North African tribes and true to the designer’s taste for asymmetry. Berbère Chromatic 3-row rings in gold and coloured lacquer, alternating full and empty spaces, thin and thick rings, to wear like a second skin. Choose from navy blue verging on black, bright, vibrant, luminous red, and nude blending softly with the pink gold.  

Square Beaumarchais. Tel. +377 93 50 89 59