Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Garden Gastronomy

For chef Marcel Ravin, cooking seasonal fruits and vegetables that are freshly harvested locally is more than a commitment, it is a priority. His cuisine is alive and respects both the environment and the changing seasons. This philosophy is also shared by Veuve Clicquot, which has chosen Ravin and several other renowned chefs to be part of its “Garden Gastronomy” programme. On 15 December, guests will be able to experience garden gastronomy at an exclusive dinner that pairs “grand cru” vegetables with grapes, in the sublimated form of La Grande Dame 2012 Veuve Clicquot. At the Blue Bay, the mouth watering “L’eau à la bouche” menu explores autumn flavours and highlights the treasures of the vegetable garden, while the “Sous les étoiles” dinner is an ode to nature served under the stars in the intimate setting of the Sea Bay, the resort’s seaside area. An unforgettable culinary experience for all the senses.

15 December from 7.30pm
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Price: €380/person including drinks