Acting to protect the environment

Green Globe: three hotels recertified

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has made a voluntary commitment to reducing its environmental impact, with its hotels, head office at Aigue Marine and conference centre, One Monte-Carlo, all holding the Green Globe certification. Created in 1999 by Australian NGO Green Globe, the eponymous label and certification aims to promote sustainable luxury tourism via a list of more than 350 compliance indicators divided into 44 criteria. The most important areas include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste management and protecting biodiversity. In addition to these environmental concerns, the label also looks at the social and societal commitments of its certified members, for example through their management of human resources or their initiatives made in partnership with associations. Thanks to the hard work of their staff and dedicated Green Teams, three hotels have been recertified this winter: the Monte-Carlo Bay, which has been certified since 2014 and obtained a score of 87%; the Monte-Carlo Beach, with a record score of 88%; and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, which has been certified since 2019, with an impressive increase of 5% since its 2020 audit, to achieve a current score of 82%. If being accredited with the Green Globe label already demonstrates a commitment to the environment in itself, the renewal of the certification is also evidence that these establishments are stepping up their actions year after year.

Sapocycle: recycling hotel soaps
The aim of the “Bubbles Saving Lives” programme launched by the Sapocycle foundation is to collect discarded soaps in hotels and give them a second life. This recycling process results in a 90% reduction of CO2 emissions compared with burning waste. In 2022, the resort collected 62kg of discarded soaps to produce 620 new soaps, which were then distributed free of charge to families in need. This action saved 124kg of CO2 and helped support five workshop jobs for people with disabilities. The goal for 2023 is to collect 200kg across the Group’s four hotels.