Casino de Monte-Carlo

The sweet smell of bliss

She has planted Roses des Vents (Wind Roses) in the Casino gardens, created waves of Bleu Sel (Blue Salt) under her glass roof, and is now bringing joy to the Casino atrium with Félicité (Bliss). Céline Pagès, a young artist and graduate of Pavillon Bosio art college, has designed this poetic installation like a promenade for “Fall in Love with Monte-Carlo”. The mission to seduce us has been successful! Inspired by Princess Grace’s  love of the language of flowers, Félicité features creative plant-based hangings and, in the centre of the atrium, a unique work entitled Jardins intérieurs (Interior Gardens), a vibrant tribute to Love, Her Highness’s floral composition. This fresh, colourful floral composition will serve as a backdrop (photocall) for gamers, couples and families looking to create unforgettable photographs in the atrium’s new setting.