Alexis Giannotti

Eco-friendly knits, or nothing!

Knitwear designer Alexis Giannotti is at the cutting edge of textile innovation, and strongly committed to protecting the environment. We meet him in his brand new Monegasque boutique, the perfect place to expand your wardrobe without feeling guilty.

A 100% biodegradable knit respecting nature.

Thirty-six-year-old Alexis Giannotti fixes his blue eyes intently on us as he explains his goal to create not only a collection of eco-responsible garments, but also a line of knitwear that is 100% biodegradable – which means zero impact on the planet. This is big news! It took the environmentally conscious designer, who is also engaged in ocean conservation, months of technical research and multiple trips before he finally found a material (yarn) that met his ethical requirements: a blend of merino wool and fibres extracted from recycled coffee grounds! “I want to create ‘clean’ clothes,” he says. “This non-negotiable criterion goes hand-in-hand with my commitment to the environment, and my awareness that the fashion industry generates enormous amounts of pollution.”

Hi-tech yarn and 3D knitting
Today, Alexis Giannotti proudly shows off the first models from his Warm Brew line: sweaters for men and women that are minimalist, ultra-fine, soft, elegant and luxurious, together with a range of beanies made from the same revolutionary knit. All the garments are produced in Italy, by a renowned family-owned company using state-of-the-art 3D knitting technology. The knits are seamless (so there are no offcuts), ultra stretchy, resilient, and don’t lose their shape. This technological feat creates clothes with an outstanding finish and a perfect fit.  
The first Giannotti Monaco boutique is opening in the Principality in March. Fashion lovers will then have the opportunity to discover this innovative collection first-hand, alongside other models in recycled cashmere or extra-fine merino wool with the ZQ® certification, the highest standard in ethical production. The interior décor features wood and other natural materials: “I wanted to plant a tree in the middle! Because it’s a very sunny location,” says Giannotti. The space sets off his signature colour, Betty Blue, beautifully. Similar to Klein Blue, it is a tribute to the sea and Giannotti’s grandmother, Betty, who has supported him through all his projects. And the designer has more in the pipeline. He intends to continue producing 100% biodegradable knitwear made with coffee or rice fibres – leggings, for example. All, of course, while respecting the environment, because “once they are worn out, each garment returns to the earth.”

Giannotti Monaco
17 avenue de l’Annonciade, Monte-Carlo

By Laurence Jacquet