Boghossian Monaco

Exceptional jewellery

Albert Boghossian, CEO, surrounded by his nephews Roberto (left), Ralph (right) and his daughter Dalia.

Boasting a rich history spanning over 150 years of creativity and gemmological expertise, Swiss fine jeweller Boghossian is now in the hands of the fifth and sixth generations of the family, led by managing director Albert Boghossian, and assisted by his nephews Roberto and Ralph, and his daughter, Dalia. Having opened a flagship store in Geneva in 2008, followed by boutiques in London, New York, Hong Kong and Gstaad, the jeweller continues to grow with a new store in the Hôtel de Paris. The Monegasque boutique symbolises the dialogue between cultures, paying tribute to the ties that connect the Boghossian family to the Silk Route. Successive generations of the family have travelled regularly from East to West to deepen their knowledge of precious stones and craftsmanship. The boutique reflects this crossroads of influences, with silk cords created by KufStudio and lacquered furniture by Lebanese designer Nadia Debs.
The family-run Swiss jeweller has been pushing the boundaries of jewellery design since 1868. Over time it has developed unique techniques, some of which have been patented, and are now enhanced by artistic director Edmond Chin, a visionary artist. Highly sought after by collectors, Boghossian jewellery has achieved record-breaking prices at auction, including the highest ever price for a Burmese ruby, the most expensive coloured diamond bracelet ever sold, and the most valuable “no oil” emerald necklace, amassing 28 perfectly colour-matched natural emeralds totalling 117.6 carats to create an outstanding necklace. The Monegasque boutique showcases the jeweller’s Art of Inlay technique alongside its signature Merveilles collection. Our favourite is the Kissing collection, which features stones caught in an embrace to highlight their brilliance and luminosity. The high jewellery pieces are equally stunning, and encapsulate the jeweller’s incredible heritage.

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