Harry Winston

The romance of summer

The Winston With Love collection explores feelings of love in a burst of coloured gemstones, true to Harry Winston’s love of jewels. L.O.V.E… A total of 39 creations composing four chapters that recount the different stages of a romance: L-Winston Light, O-Winston Obsession, V-Winston Vow, and E-Winston Eternity. In the beginning, the excitement of meeting someone new.  Among the pieces showcased, the Brilliant Glow Haute Joaillerie necklace is flawless. Then comes the time of torrid passion. The blazing fire of love inspires, among other things, two exceptional Dancing Flames parures.   A subtle heart motif set in rose gold hails the third stage of ultimate commitment. The Dual Hearts earrings for a touch of modernity, a mismatched pair creating the motif in its entirety when brought together. The final chapter tells the story of a life together, symbolised by the Endless Love parure’s twist motif and the Sweet Heart’s interlocking hearts. 

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