The lock-in is over, so now’s the time to recharge our batteries with the help of experts at Monaco’s wellness centre, taking advantage of their many new services.

“The real question we need to ask is a simple one: What’s essential for me?” Christine Zoliec, general manager of the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, points out that in response to the public health crisis, many people are feeling the urge to replenish their energies and identify the needs that are most precious to them. Now that we’re free again, it’s the perfect time to experience this haven of luxury devoted to wellness, beauty and performance. This summer, the treatment menu has been extended. In fact, the intention to refine the wellness centre’s concept is not new. “Six months ago we were already thinking about how to fulfil our customers’ wants more precisely,” says Christine Zoliec.

“We realised that completely personalised services should be the core of our offering, and that more than ever we should address the wellbeing of mind and body together.” So the offering now includes a new range of top-notch personalised treatments combined with fitness training and nutritional rebalancing tailored to each person’s daily life. Since nutrition is at the heart of any beauty protocol, the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo have also been rethinking their food service. “We decided to slim down our set menus and simplify them, adding a choice of ‘Presto Bentos’ for a quick bite when time is short. Our dishes are light and balanced, composed of healthy ingredients, with plenty of vegetables and herbs. You can eat in the solarium, the bar or the restaurant – there again, you choose what’s right for you according to your taste and your day’s activities”.

Synergy of care

Personalisation is a constant concern. The wellness centre offers a range of ‘Essential Days’ on different themes. “We decided to combine our new beauty, harmony and detox treatments in a set of themes so as to match each customer’s personality, mood and state of mind.” The four one-day ‘Essential’ packages are Beauty, Energy, Nature and Harmony. With these options you can recharge your batteries, rid your body of toxins or reveal your full beauty with the help of essential oils, body wraps and sculpting, baths and body scrubs combined with Mind Management and a guided relaxation. Leading-edge technology such as cryotherapy makes our treatments especially effective. To take overall care and relaxation to a higher level, opt for My Wellness Retreat, a two-day break to really get in touch with your inner self. “With a retreat, I can really boost my vitality and enjoy a wide range of customised treatments and massages, personalised yoga classes and Mind Management, staying overnight in a suite with a sea view at the Hôtel Hermitage,” says Christine Zoliec. Best of all, you can sign up for a five-day respite to chill out completely with a panoply of pleasures. “In that time you can take a complete break from everyday cares and make the most of the benefits of a retreat.” Here too they will take complete care of you, down to the smallest detail, and you can even opt for a health check-up at one of Monte-Carlo’s medical establishments. After your stay, the Thermes Marin’s experts will provide aftercare. “We aim to respond to your wants and provide immediate, lasting results.” Discover what the essence of wellness is for you: it’s your choice! By Caroline Sempé

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo
Tel. +377 98 06 69 00
2 avenue de Monte-Carlo – 98000 Monaco