Le Tigre

    arrives at the Monte-Carlo Beach

    Parisian yoga studio Le Tigre is creating a buzz after taking up residence at the Monte-Carlo Beach. Be sure to discover this new wellness concept.

    Élodie Garamond, founder of the ultra-trendy Le Tigre Yoga Club brand.

    The iconic luxury hotel by the Mediterranean is constantly reinventing itself without compromising its 100 per cent green status. Its restaurant, Elsa, is the first gastronomic establishment to have obtained Ecocert’s “100 per cent organic” certification, with a menu that consists solely of local products rigorously selected by chef Paolo Sari. This season the Monte-Carlo Beach is staying true to its philosophy and partnering with one of the hottest brands of the moment: Le Tigre Yoga Club, the brainchild of Elodie Garamond. Now you can experience the ethos and protocols of the Parisian brand in a new space right here. The concept offers a combination of different classes and specific treatments that promote physical and spiritual awakening. “The ethos of Le Tigre centres on kindness, both towards others and the self. Fans will also be pleased to know that the boutique space carries all of their favourite products, from the tote bag and yoga mats to the handcrafted oil and ‘Equilibre’ balancing candle.”

    Body and mind

    Classes take place outdoors, in the gardens or on the beach.


    Offering a mix of dynamic and more gentle classes, this yoga practice is suitable for everyone.

    The brand’s reputation rests on its extensive programme of high quality classes, and this new studio also offers a wide range of activities. Dynamic classes such as “smartFLOW” and “Vinyasa” will be complemented by gentler sessions suitable for beginners and children. All the classes take place outside, either in the gardens or on the beach, depending on the time and weather. “Each Le Tigre class encourages you to let go and enjoy a deep sense of well-being both in body and mind,” says the founder. To give you the fullest experience possible, the wellness space has been redesigned to reflect Le Tigre’s values. “We have appointed a new spa director and are offering exclusive new brands,” says Danièle Garcelon, general manager of the 5-star hotel. We love the “Massage du Tigre” signature treatment: “It’s a deep massage that blends several protocols including ayurveda, using hands and forearms. It works on the circulation of energy through the meridians. To help you prepare for the experience, the session begins with a short meditation session that relaxes your mind so you get the maximum benefit from the treatment,” adds Elodie Garamond. Don’t miss the chance to try the whole programme out right away.
    By Caroline Sempé