La Vitrine Contemporain de Monaco

Summoning up the courage to open the doors of a gallery is not always easy, and the concept of an exhibition corner dedicated to showcasing contemporary art is an original initiative that engages with passers-by. This winter the space in Palais de la Scala is hosting two Monegasque artists with Ukrainian roots, who start a dialogue on the theme of “Monaco – the Power of Flowers”. Having developed a series of still life works featuring minimalist roses, Zoia Skoropadenko invited fellow artist Eva Dmitrenko to join her. Dmitrenko, a graduate of Pavillon Bosio who created more than one hundred and fifty wind roses in the gardens of Monte-Carlo last year, decided this time to pay tribute to the iris, a flower with both a feminine and masculine side, which she remembers seeing on family heirlooms in her childhood home. The installation also includes other artists’ work relating to the botanical world. 

18 January to 12 March 
Palais de la Scala