Jean-Claude Mézières, Paris sera toujours Paris, 1999. Encre sur papier. Collection Privée, Paris. / © Jean-Claude Mézières

The NMNM has put together a stimulating exhibition dedicated to comic strips. An art medium that more often than not chooses marginality over convention, humour over academism. So how did what was long-considered “low art” come to win acclaim to the point of occupying space in a museum?  That is the challenge of this exhibition, which brings together the work of more than 90 of the 9th Art’s biggest names and even takes us back to Marginalia, seen as the origins of comic books. Small humorous and vulgar doodles in medieval manuscript margins that explained or criticised the text.

François Schuiten, Les Cités Obscures. Couverture de l’Intégrale, tome 1, 2017. Acrylique et graphite sur papier. Collection privée, Paris. / © François Schuiten

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