Nicolas Jelmoni

Love of the circus

This acrobat – who grew up in Monaco – has made a name for himself with his spectacular “hand to hand” acts,  from the Broadway stage to the final in the television show France’s Got Incredible Talent. 

The circus, a real vocation for Nicolas Jalmoni.

It was under the Fontvieille big top that the young Nicolas Jelmoni understood where he belonged. Surrounded by artists and immersed in the world of cabaret since childhood, he knew that he would make a career out of the circus. “I grew up in the Principality, in a very artistic environment. My mother and my uncle ran the Club des Artistes de Monaco,” he recalls. After passing his baccalaureate, he flew to San Francisco, where he completed a foundation course before joining the National Circus School of Montreal, one of the best contemporary circus schools.

From Broadway to Cirque du Soleil
After graduating, he joined the Broadway musical, Pippin. A show that mixes singing and dancing with circus performances. “It was incredible. With Charlotte O’Sullivan, my former partner on stage, we performed for 8 months in New York and then went on tour before making appearances in films, on television, and at festivals… which made us very versatile. Until the day we joined Cirque du Soleil – one of our biggest dreams – performing in their permanent show Joyà based in Mexico.”

Golden buzzer 
Far from stopping there, the young man decided to take on a completely different challenge: to participate in one of the most watched shows on the small screen, France’s Got Incredible Talent. “For the first round, we performed a classic number that we had mastered well, but when we reached the semi-final, we opted for a more original show, with water.” A successful gamble since the duo won the singer Amir’s ‘Coup de Cœur‘ and a Golden Buzzer taking them straight to the final. “An unforgettable memory! I still have golden confetti in a jar somewhere at home”, confides the Monegasque, with a smile on his face. And although the duo eventually lost in the final, despite an ambitious fire performance, they could only remember the positive side of this televised competition. 

Nicolas Jelmoni in a “hand to hand” acrobatic act performed recently in Monaco in the cabaret show Delirious, produced by 8 Stars Monaco.

Monegasque productions 
Nicolas Jelmoni now performs in many countries, but he remains attached to his roots. “One of my fondest memories is taking part in the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. A childhood dream! We first took part in New Generation, where we won the Junior Silver prize, and then the festival itself the following year. I was performing for the first time at home; it was very intense. My family and friends were there. We got a Bronze Clown. I will never forget the pride I felt.” 
Nicolas is also the Artistic Director of the production company 8 Stars Monaco. After producing Bohemia in 2021, he returned this summer with Delirious, a unique experience. “I have always had the ambition to revive the spirit of cabaret in the Principality. We perform the whole thing under a Spiegeltent, a large tent where the audience is remarkably close to the artists. It is no longer a series of acrobatic numbers but an intimate and powerful show.” Currently in the United States, with his head full of projects, Nicolas Jelmoni has not finished surprising you…