Roni Horn

Hauser & Wirth gets a change of scene. After Paul McCarthy’s burlesque pirates, the gallery located at One Monte-Carlo is hosting an exhibition on American artist Roni Horn, whose early work was influenced by minimalism. The visual artist, who loves to confuse viewers on the subject of identity – as in her previous exhibition at the Bourse du Commerce–Pinault Collection in Paris – is shown here in a new light, in relation to film. And what film could better examine these themes than Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece, Persona, in which the identities of two seemingly unconnected women – an actress who has lost her voice and an extremely talkative nurse – end up merging inextricably? The comparison brings out the themes of body, desire and sexuality in the work of Roni Horn, particularly her photographs and sculptures.

Until 17 December
Galerie Hauser & Wirth Monaco
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