Shimabuku, Erect, 2017. Vue de l’installation du Reborn-Art Festival 2017. Courtesy de l’artiste et Air de Paris, Romainville.

Follow The 165-metre Mermaid and Other Stories! It all begins with the medieval Japanese legend of Fukuoka, continuing on its way like an epic poem. Let yourselves get carried away by an environmental theme in company with artist and hiker Michihiro Shimabuku. A trek from his native Japan to Monaco, passing through Brazil, Australia, and other countries. The artist weaves stories between the real and imaginary like a long, long rope, drawing on performance, land art, music, and even cooking. Dive into an exhibition where installations, films, sculptures, and photography are intertwined. Craftsmen were invited to make this story their own. And you come away from this experience with your hearts lifted.

Until 3 October
Villa Paloma, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco
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